First Impressions: Altis Life

Altis Life is a mod of Arma 3. If you want to see what it looks like, you should check out Frankie’s video series. I’ve been eyeing Arma 3 for months, and last weekend Bohemia Interactive had an anniversary sale, so I finally picked it up. I had idly wanted it for some time, but after finding Altis Life videos, I couldn’t wait to own it.

I haven’t even touched the Arma 3 part of the Arma 3 game. Oops.

Altis Life is a roleplay mod, with two factions (normally; servers can choose to switch things up if they want): civilians or law enforcement. Most servers have some sort of application process or you need to know someone to play a cop. I happen to not like filling out applications and I happen to not know anyone either, so my experience has been playing as a civilian. Civilians (and I assume cops) are awarded a paycheck ever 5 minutes or so, ranging between 500-1000 dollars, and most servers start you off with a respectable sum of money to get going, enough to get food and a cheap vehicle.


My current day job is fisherman. I bought a wet suit (after buying a diving license) and swam around, gathering fishes and selling them at the fish market. Eventually I earned enough to buy a boat, so I bought a cheap rescue boat (after buying a boat license) and now I can go into deeper waters, where there are bigger fish that earn me more money. There’s something oddly relaxing about being underwater, snatching tuna from their home, and then taking them off to be eaten. On a good haul I earn about $7000 and if I spend a whole day just fishing I can earn up to $30000.

altislifeOff we go, into the wild blue yonder~

 It’s slow work, considering the fact that another prime job is running drugs. My foray into the drug business was extremely brief: a random fellow asked me if I wanted to sell with him, I said yes, he drove me to his safe house, and the cops were raiding the place. Busted. I talked my way out of a ticket and have been looking for a side job of running drugs ever since. No such luck.

Once my day job is over, I take up my night job: harassing cops.

Watcha goin do, watcha goin do when they come for you?

I hang out in front of the police complex, randomly yelling when they drive by and trying to engage them in conversation. Once, I was able to distract them long enough for a new friend to escape. He had stolen a gun. It was exhilarating. When I see them arresting someone I run over and yell at them that this is a police state, this is communism, this is unfair, film the police, no justice, no peace.

It’s basically what I used to do in my past that I can now recreate in a video game. No video game has offered me the opportunity to do that before.

Altis Life is not for everyone. It’s a roleplay game, above anything else. Like my love of DayZ, my love of Altis Life comes from character interactions and the opportunity for player relationships. I play mostly on the same server (because it’s run well and also because I’m quite, quite rich now) so I run into the same players when I’m around at night and it’s a really unique, lovely feeling to see the same people around, living their lives as I try to live mine.

Right now I’m saving up to buy a helicopter. I’m still about 400,000$ away from that. I will continue with my fishing, to try and make my way as an honest worker, to build up my tuna catching empire. Once I get an in on the drug trade, though, I’m through with that petty stuff. My life of crime awaits.


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