DayZ Journal 6 // Experimental

I played a lot on experimental over the weekend. I have too many stories to tell, so here are some of my favorites. Picture heavy.

I went completely bandit in Berezino. I had geared up at the air field, so I had fully kitted M4 and was fully camouflage. I had a sawed off stowed in my backpack too with three speed loaders. It was a 100 person server, so people were constantly roaming up and down the street. I would jump out, scream “SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!” and shoot them. Yep, I went complete bandit. I eventually ran out of M4 ammo and switched to my sawed off, where I continued jumping out at people and shooting them.

 Eventually someone took me out by breaking my legs. I spawned nearby, ran back, and successfully retrieved my shotgun from the guy who had taken it from me, and continued with my bit.I got taken out for good shortly later.

Sorry, good people of Berezino. Sometimes you gotta go full bandit.

I don’t have a picture of me going full bandit, but here’s one of my favorite outfits as of late. I love the bright track pants. Too bad they only have two item slots.

Not conspicuous at all, amirite?

I feel that karma returned the favor, though, on my next spawn: I made the trek to Elektro, which took a good long while since all the spawns are now far east.I made it and stood in the middle of the street and raised my arms to preach about our savior (it was Easter morning). The server crashed, I rejoined, and why, look at that – I respawned in a closed room in the school. I couldn’t slither out any way I tried. I was stuck, until I starved to death or died of dehydration.

I spent the next forty-five minutes alternating between scaring people as they came into the school, reading from my book Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash-Reactive Dog out loud, hosting a fake Chernarus radio program with my partner, and trying to get anyone who came into the school to talk to me. A heavily geared guy went up the stairs and hid in the loot spawn on the top floor; I spent the next few minutes warning new spawns not to approach. Another geared guy tried to jump into the wall with me and spent a few minutes rolling around on the floor by me before running off. He was my favorite.

2014-04-20_00011 - Copy2014-04-20_000062014-04-20_00008 - Copy
My time stuck inside the school … the horror, the horror.

Eventually I was able to stick my head out the window facing the street and some kind soul took pity on me and axed me.

On my next reincarnation, I spawned in Berezino and found an orange hard hat at the construction site. A few moments later I happened upon someone else in a hard hat and we formed a gang, “The Hardhat Crew,” if you will. We went back and forth between being the Hardhat Crew and being a union; there was some discussion about which would give us better benefits (the union, clearly). Our initiation ritual was to place a bag on top of a pledge’s head and to judge their courage (whether or not they freaked out and ran). We even talked a man from the Cowboy Hat Club over to our side. We swelled to 5 at one point and then most of us were killed by a madman with an axe. Tear.

No hardhat picture, but here’s another of a group of us enjoying the fresh air as someone else bleeds out. Beautiful.

My favorite story from this weekend started when I spawned in one of the new towns north of Solnichniy. I ran down to the big silos and machine shop, intending to suicide off to try and spawn closer to Svetlo. Another new spawn was on top and we both started yelling at each other to not do it. A third joined us shortly after and started piping music through his mic. We sat on the ledge toward the main road and started yelling at new spawns to come and join our party.

2014-04-20_00017 - Copy2014-04-20_00020 - Copy

And they did! Our roof party swelled to a dozen or so players. Our own personal DJ kept us supplied with dance music and we all pantomimed dancing. We went down to the little lake next to the factory and splashed around a little bit until someone suggested we all jump off the building we were having our party on. It seemed like a fine idea, so our DJ played us some inspiring music before ending with the heartbreaking, completely overplayed “My Heart Will Go On.” It felt very fitting. We all took a running jump …

2014-04-20_00023 - Copy

… and none of us died. Easter Miracle! PRAISE (be to that bug on experimental)!

2014-04-20_00021 - Copy

It was one of the most fun moments, if not the most, I’ve ever had playing. Most of my interactions are one on one. A dozen people dancing on top of a building while zombies milled about was hilarious and funny and (spare me), a little touching. I was happy to have had that moment, because it reminds me how awesome DayZ can be. I don’t think I would want it to be that touchy-feely all the time, but every once in awhile you have to have a great dance party with strangers.

The experimental content moved over to stable, so I imagine there will lots more players experiencing the content. Will be grand.



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