DayZ Journal 5 // Experimental

The DayZ experimental branch finally got an update, so I have returned to playing on experimental servers. I was so excited I got out of bed at 3 in the morning to run to my desktop to see the changes (I may be a little obsessed with this game. Just a little.

It runs noticeably smoother. If the ping isn’t too high on my server, doors open instantly and weapons come out of my hotbar in a moment. Sunrise and sunset are both beautiful to behold, especially if you’re looking over the water.  The overall graphics and quality of the game seem to have improved.

It’s beautifulll.

Bows are now implemented, made with an ash stick and a rope. You can’t shoot anything yet, but they’re a pretty sight to see.

arrowbow surprisemotherfucker
That stick through my arm doesn’t hurt at all.

You also throw things. No word yet on if you can actually injure players or zombies with objects, but the physics are funny if you aim it right. The more players on a server, the longer it takes for the throwing to occur, so it seems like it would be pretty useless in combat on a high capacity server even if it did do damage. Imagining the possibilities of throwing something to distract another player is worth thinking about, though. I’d gladly give up a can of soda if it meant I could escape from a gunman unscathed.

It also appears that new spawns only spawn on the east side of the map now, which I’m highly disappointed in and hoping they change. It takes literally (literally!) forever to run from Svetlo to Cherno and maybe it’s just me, but I’d like a little variation in where I spawn, especially if I keep dying in the same city, like I did a few days ago in Berezino. Loot dries up quickly. I suppose the same argument could be made when players were spawning near Elektro and Kamishovo, but at least even then you would get the occasional Berezino and Solnichniy spawn point thrown in. Now with the entire new spawn base coming alive on the east side, it makes it an even easier hunting ground for bambis.

Experimental servers are also on an accelerated time clock, so now, unless you want to quit playing for chunks at a time, you have to deal with the dark, something I always meticulously avoided on stable, because, well, I’m a chicken. Your flashlight ain’t just pretty to look at now, and make sure you keep all those spare batteries and headtorches you find along your way. I was slaughtered four times in a row in Svetlo the first night cycle I played, which was actually quite fun. Server capacity is up to 50 or 100 on some servers and that makes the night time even more sheer madness.

All in all, more subtle changes than in the past, but still very important and still a lot of fun. Still marching toward a game I’m looking forward to play in its completion.

Here was my second most recent character, literally the most geared I have ever been in DayZ. At one point I had 2 Magnums, 2 Amphibias, a 1911, an SKS, and a Mosin. I eventually ended up with a beautiful, mostly pristine M4. Most items I found while hunting through the tents at Balota at night, which was terrifying, so I felt pretty proud of myself.

Best to date. Look at all those M4 parts. 

I say second most recent character because, as you might guess, I got shot in the face while crouching in a tent on a second go through. To be fair, the guy who shot me told me to put my gun down and I didn’t do it, though I did start say in chat I couldn’t hear him. To be fairer, I wasn’t going to listen and was going to shoot him anyway. He had an M4 and I had an M4 and he killed me, but I know I got a few shots in on him. I’m hoping I took him down with me.

beindicks skswater
My death feels pretty much like the bad karma I accrued by leaving all those extra M4 parts in a car and this SKS in the sea.

It does beg the question: why didn’t I just leave?  I had everything I needed. The only non-pristine part on my M4 was my handguard and it was only worn. Why didn’t I just leave?

The greatest existential question of our time. Will we ever know?

Yes. The answer is yes. I was greedy and I died.

Let this be a lesson, children: get the fuck out of Balota when you have the chance.


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