DayZ Journal 4 // Stable

There hasn’t been much to add since the last patch came through – the single, best thing I can think of is that loot spawns in sheds now. Which, alright, is pretty awesome. Sticks, motorbike helmets, ropes galore.

None of my ensembles have been very earth shattering, but I had a fun incident that I want to record for history’s sake:

Today I was lounging on a roof in Berezino alone, since none of my friends were playing. A new spawn, Lil J, I will call him, asked for help with a saline bag. We haggled over whether or not we could trust each other; he argued that I was geared; I told him that I had purple sneakers, so I couldn’t be a bandit. Clearly my logic worked, since he climbed up on the roof with me. Hilariously the saline bag disappeared into time and space (DayZ, bro) and he ended up getting stuck at the bottom of the apartment for awhile but we eventually got him out.

We stayed together for a bit and didn’t find anyone. He said I sounded smart for my age, so my rote response was, “Yes, I am 25, afterall. Also, I am girl.” He laughed and said that explained it and I decided I could trust him and we continued on our way. We found him a Mosin, talked about the UI design and various other DayZ bugs, until we circled around back to the hospital in Berezino, where I bizarrely broke my leg and still ended up at the very top of the building (DayZ, bro). My new friend bravely stated he was going to find me sticks to fix me, stood up, and was immediately shot. I yelled for a little bit in shock until the guy who shot him came up to get the body and then he was promptly shot. After deciding we weren’t worth it apparently, he wished me luck with my legs and ran off.

To my buddy Lil J: it was nice speaking to you, good sir. I’m sad you got shot on your way to finding me aid. You are a brave, brave soul.

I still took all your stuff and also your Mosin and hid your body, but I figured you wouldn’t spawn anywhere near me in time to reclaim it, so I logged of. I swear, Lil J, I wasn’t trying to steal from you. I was just being practical. I hope to run into you again. Maybe I can repay you for your generosity.


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