First Impressions – 7 Days to Die

It was dark and I immediately heard creepy whispers everywhere. I started yelling how I didn’t like the game and then immediately died (I actually think I didn’t get killed by a zombie – I think it was a bug). Suddenly, a deer bolted out of nowhere in front of me and I watched it in amazement and then a zombie screamed in my ear and I died.

7 Days to Die is apparently Minecraft- meet DayZ – meet every other zombie survival game you can think of. I started with nothing, but also with tons of inventory space, which is quite excellent, with lootable items everywhere (though many of them turned out to be useless). I joined a server with only my friends and was able to find them immediately. They led me back to their camp and I started regretting my fuck this game, fuck this game! yells before.

I’ve played my fair share of Minecraft and it’s hard to not notice the similarities, at least on the surface level. You can get materials by destroying trees or houses, and you craft by using a table in your inventory. Torches are made with sticks, which you craft from plywood, which you craft from raw wood. You mine iron, then you make iron ingots, then you get sticks, then you can craft axes and pickaxes … and so on and so forth. You place raw, square materials by holding them in your hand and placing them to create structures like houses or castles.

Beyond that, it reads like a zombie survival horror game. There are maybe half a dozen different types of zombies. At night they run at an alarmingly fast clip; during the day they only amble, giving you plenty of time to hammer them in the head. They also carry loot, and valuable loot too – I found a flashlight, a pistol, and ammo on one. Compared to the scarce loot normal to DayZ, I was especially pleased to find useful materials so easy to obtain.

It’s fun. It’s Minecraft with a more sinister twist. The zombies are definitely not the geometric shaped enemies that creepers and Endermen are. The music isn’t so sweet and the noises each type of zombie makes can be downright scary, especially at night. It hits all my zombie survival game buttons, with the added crafting twist, which is something I haven’t experienced before. The graphics aren’t amazing, but the game is only in alpha, so I hope that maybe they will improve as time goes on.

I am not pleased with the artistic choices in terms of the lady characters, however. The women models both have cropped, torn tshirts, exposing taunt stomachs. Their torn shirts are low cut. Both men and women models can’t be changed in terms of skin color, which is disappointing.  One of the zombies carries the title “Plague Nurse” and wears what appears to be a “sexy nurse” Halloween costume, complete with short skirt and heels.

I’m disappointed in the choices concerning the women characters and I hope changes are made to those in the future. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, considering the game is still very early alpha, but I’m less than hopeful considering that the studio is named “The Fun Pimps.”

I don’t envision myself playing this game for very long, as it appears to be something I’ll get bored with rather easily, but I’ll probably give it at least another go to see what fun can be had.


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