DayZ Journal 3 // Stable

Stable! All the content I’ve been loving on experimental hit stable while I was away. It was one of the best things to come home to (the other things being my clean house and my dog).

It feels like a dream to have playing be so smooth. Everything looks and feels better. And what’s better, I’ve only died from a glitch once! How unheard of is that? (For those curious, I was at the ship and tried to walk forward on a small ledge, since I clearly fit. Somehow I was propelled off the ledge, rubber-banding style, to my death. So tragic.).

I have a Sporter 22 right now, with an actual magazine and dozens and dozens of bullets. It’s quiet as all get out. I’m still awful at aiming and shooting, and without a headshot it takes 1-4 bullets for me to actually kill a zombie, so I’m chewing through ammo pretty quickly; it’s still fun though and I hope the practice is helping with my other, bigger guns. I have a pristine SKS with a pristine PU scope as my main weapon for enemy players. It’s really a pain to have to drop the Sporter to switch to either my SKS or my fire axe and I wonder if that will ever be smoothed out or if it’s intentionally left that way to simulate real life. I’m guessing it’s the latter, so I don’t think it will be changed, since DayZ’s thing seems to be ultra realism, but I can hope.

Clothing wise, I was wearing a pristine blue wool coat for awhile, but once I started gearing up, I switched to a green hoodie for more camouflage. I miss the wool coat – I looked snappy. I don’t think much has been added to clothing and gear since I last played; I’ve found lots of caps and worn coats. The rider jacket continues to be elusive and none of my friends or I have seen one since I found one a few weeks ago. The struggle continues. I feel obligated to try and survive when I have good gear, so I haven’t worked my way back to my pink beanies or purple backpacks, but once I get killed (always a question of when, not if) I’ll try for that again. I’m actually finding what appears to be a significantly smaller amount of red (pink) or blue hoodies. I would say it’s probably just me noticing it, but my friends have too, since I always have them hunting for them. I wonder if that’s intentional or they’re just harder to find.

Other cool stuff: we heated up a pot! Did we cook anything? Nope. But heating up the pot made us all cheer, as uninspiring as that is. Potatoes, bell peppers, and tomatoes are all showing up now. The rotten potatoes are pretty much the grossest things I’ve seen in game so far, including zombies. I really thought I wouldn’t be as excited for the cooking system as I am, but it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to most right now. I think it’s because the pots and gas canisters have been around for months and we’ll finally be able to actually use them.

And for the best thing that’s been rolled out on stable so far: the zombies.

Zombies are scary now. This game just went from “mainly PvP” to “mostly PvP, with scary PvE.” It feels like a different game now. The zombies are actually scary. They pose a threat. They can chase you down now. Respawning zombies means looting a town is hard, and if you fire in an unlooted, untouched town, forget the player threat – you better get the hell away from the zombies looking for the noise. Stealth, alertness, and finesse are important now, whereas before, you only had to sneak around if you thought there were other players nearby. Now everywhere is a threat. Nowhere is safe.

It’s awesome.

I am so looking forward to player interaction now that cooperation will be helpful and not harmful. My friends and I saved a new spawn who had the misfortunate of attracting a horde and gave him a spare gun we had (without ammo – we aren’t that trusting). I’ve met at least two players who were as geared as I was and we didn’t shoot each other. We didn’t shoot each other! It’s no longer a “kill on sight if they have a weapon” mandate (mostly…). I love it. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Killing people is extremely easy (and sometimes encouraged) in this game. Cooperation is where the challenge is.


One thought on “DayZ Journal 3 // Stable

  1. Do you ever play during night? All the rules are reversed. I find myself almost involuntarily heading towards light sources in the hopes of discovering another human being who’ll share my primal fear of the darkness whereas before only a few hours ago I’d be more likely running away from them.

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