DayZ Journal 2// Experimental

Well, today I met a wonderful hero. I spawned near the gas station on the south edge of Berezino, fully intending to find a way to kill myself to spawn closer to Elektro. Loud explosions could be heard up and down the coasts – at first I thought that it was a singular, bugged out gas station constantly exploding. Turns out, it was ALL of the gas stations exploding every ten minutes or so.

After jumping off the silo failed to do anything other than break my legs, I had another new spawn punch me in the head until I died. I respawned – in the same exact location. Rather than once more just jumping off the silo, I ran toward the nearest gas station, figuring if I stood around there I would die shortly.

There was another new spawn there, I think waiting for the same thing as me. I heard “NO, wait, don’t!

Some hero in green with a Mosin stood some distance from us, telling us to get away from there, that we had so much to live for. The other new spawn didn’t talk and just stood crouched by the gas pump but I went into the street to chat with the friendly fellow intent on saving our lives. We exchanged some dramatic words about how I was starving and didn’t see a reason to live anymore and he steadfastly replied that there was plenty enough reasons to live. And then he put a bottle of water on the ground in front of me, along with the new handgun, the 1911, I didn’t have enough room to carry it all, so he gave me his pristine UK assault vest to wear.

I thanked him profusely, clapped, saluted, and then ran away as he said, “Now you have a reason to live!” I tried to stop, to turn and thank him again, and he said hurriedly, “No, just keep going, it’s more dramatic this way.”

It’s one of my favorite DayZ memories to date.

I ran off to meet with my partner and other friend, where we looted Berezino and geared up. While we were looting the north of Berezino we started getting shot at, so we had a standoff for about half an hour, which we ended up winning. They didn’t have anything good anyway.

I’m still really loving finding the new guns, though ammo is scarce and mags are even scarcer. I’m trying to gear up with purple and pink stuff again, but all the coats are dark colors. If I find a pristine red one, I might switch out.

All in all, a nice, low frustrating day in DayZ. I’m finding that I used to singlemindedly run straight to Kamishobo and then to Elektro, like that’s all there was, but I’ve been exploring north lately and finding some good stuff too. I’m still intimately familiar with both Elektro and Cherno, but I’m looking forward to exploring more of the north.

Here’s the biker jacket I had, plus the new guns I had with me at the time.


And just for fun, all the clothes and shoes on top of the silo when I went to jump off it. I had never seen it this full.


I really want Arma 3, but I only want to spend full price on one game at the moment, and that will more than likely be Titanfall. I have thoughts brewing on why games like DayZ and Arma appeal to me more than games shooters like Titanfall and Battlefield, particularly because I do really enjoy the feel of shooters.

Oh well. That’s a post for another day. Trying to suck in as much DayZ as I can before GDC next week.


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