DayZ Journal 1 // Experimental

I’ve decided to keep a journal of what happens when I play DayZ. I play a little every day, usually, and sometimes it’s exciting, most times not, but I figured I’d chronicle my adventures here. It’ll be interesting to see how the game progresses.

Here is some of my old gear:



Girl gamer as fuck, am I right? It started more as an accident – I found pink shoes and then a red hoodie, which shows up as pink. I decided to run with it and found a pink beanie first and then a pink ball cap. The black jeans worked better than any of the cargo pants I found. It’s very visible, but I really the idea of being a ~fierce lady who can kill. I have a Mosin and a magnum here.

Below is from today’s play time with the new coat and hat. I’m hoarding a pink hat for later.


The coat is nice looking and I found a red and green one later. I’m going to ditch it though because I found a rider jacket! I logged off and realized that the only screenshots I have are when I had no pants, so I’m going to take another when I log in tomorrow. It’s the first I’ve seen on anyone, so I feel very cool.

I also found a Sporter 22 and a new handgun, the 1911. I found the one Sporter in the police station, one in a barn, and one in the house with the piano. I found the new handgun (and a FNX) at the construction site in Berezino. Alas, I found no ammo for either gun, so I’m going hunting for that tomorrow. I hear the Sporter is very quiet and I’m interested to see how quiet, exactly.

I stumbled upon a pitchfork, but had a hoe so I kept the hoe and then eventually found a fireaxe. I’m torn, because the fireaxe is the best melee weapon in the game, but the hoe is just fun to swing around and usually only takes two hits to take down a zombie.

Steve the Floor Zombie showed up again at the grocery in Berezino, so we chatted before I axed him in the head. I went through the apartments looking to see if they spawned anything new and only found a few water bottles and a puffy jacket. I’m still hoping they will spawn more items. They seem awfully empty for such a big space.

Hopefully I will find ammo for my new guns soon and then can show you my sexy new biker jacket. It’s sexy as all get out.


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