Kim. California native, Arizona raised, Seattle by choice.

I write mostly about video games, with animal blogging and occasional social commentary thrown in. My work page has links to all my writing sorted by category.

I’m relatively new to video games – I played Mario and Sonic when I was a kid, Kingdom Hearts in my early adulthood, and got into serious gaming a year or two ago when I was 23. Games were always something I thought about and, more or less, knew about, but had no idea how far down the rabbit hole went. Now, I mostly play multiplayer games, like Left for Dead 2 or Team Fortress 2. Coming from a background of little gaming experience, I find games and their connections to players fascinating. It’s a much deeper, more nuanced community than I ever imagined.

I am the human of a two year old Border collie mix named Yoshi. When she came to live with me and my partner, I started lightly reading about dog training and canine ethology. Two years later, I read behavior blogs and training books in my spare time and take online classes at the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy. One day I’d like to compete with Yoshi in agility and rally, but we still have a long way to go. If you want to talk about dogs, I’m your girl. I can talk dogs all day.

I also live with my partner, who is an extremely talented musician who makes music for video games. You should go bug him on Twitter and buy his music and stuff. He’s kind of great.

I am a jack of no trades, master of aspiring to do them all.

email: kim ((at))
twitter: @kiimpulsively
Twitch channel:


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